Sky Is The Limit Learning Center is a fun and educational environment for toddlers 18- 36 months

The curriculum choice of implementation for teaching the toddlers will mainly consist of Montessori style of studies.  We are not a Montessori accredited school, but we are seeking full credentials to become one. Their environment is designed to support the curiosity and exploration of a young child and we feel that program best meet the director’s overall concept of how she wants her learning center to develop well rounded independent children. The toddler space will encourage and support independence, self-care skills, developing order and concentration. Sky Is The Limit Learning Center understands that for many toddlers this will be their first experience away from home, so the toddlers environment will provide a nurturing place where the child builds relationships with the teachers. The classroom will have two teachers, one lead and one assist, keeping with a one to six ratio. 


· Warm, friendly and nurturing staff

· The classroom space offers a home-like environment

· A range of stimulating educational materials

· The use of sign language to aid these very young children in their communication skills.

· Classroom environment is customized for the individual students to allow them to learn and be independent.

· Multi-hour, uninterrupted work time, which supports the young child’s development and allows the child to explore their own interests.

· Individualized attention from adults

· Lessons in practical life: setting a table, toileting, changing and putting things away.

· Food experiences

Music and art experiences 


The Sky Is The Limit Toddler classroom will have a range of stimulating educational materials available on low shelves so children can self-initiate work.  We will adapt the Montessori philosophy that stresses respect for oneself, others and the environment. Work materials a e organized and stored in ways that enable children to independently choose work, successfully complete the work and put the work back ready for the next person to use. A range of materials are available to the children so they may choose increasingly challenging work as their competency grows. This physical space arrangement helps build the child’s self- esteem by providing an environment that can successfully care for themselves with a minimum of adult intervention.


The main developmental needs of a toddler are self-care, movement and language. The created environment of our toddlers will provide an engaging space where the child can be independent and fulfill their own curiosity in a space specifically designed for them.

· Self-care: One of the largest milestones of this age group is mastering toileting. A child is ready for the toddler environment when they are interested in working on toilet training. Toddlers in this program must be in pull-ups or underwear but do not need to be potty-trained.

Toddlers are also interested in doing things on their own, the long work cycle and few transitions will allow longer periods of time for children to be independent in self dressing by playing dress up, cleaning up or preparing for meals. The teachers will offer encouragement and help only when the child needs it or asks for it.

· Movement: Children strengthen their gross motor skills and coordination through a variety of activities within the classroom and in the outside environment. Some activities include climbing, balancing, scrubbing and pouring.

· Language: The toddler program has a language- rich environment. Toddlers understand but are not always able to verbalize. The environment has hands on activities that reinforce vocabulary and language development. Toddlers also build language through reading, singing and rhyming activities.

· Routine: Toddlers need routine and repetition to feel comfortable and trust the adults in the environment. The classroom space will provide a consistent and age- appropriate routine with few transitions to allow for children to build self-esteem and to initiate their own curiosity and learning interests.

3312 Medical Triangle, Port Arthur, TX 77642

3312 Medical Triangle, Port Arthur, TX 77642