Why Sky?

Mother's Day Out

We offer a 3 day a week Mother's Day Out program from 9AM to 2PM.

Saturday Spree

One Saturday a month the parents will be able to drop the students and their siblings to the center from 9AM to 2PM while they run errands child-free for 5 hours.

Catered Meals

The children will be served a well balanced and delicious meal every day. We will not cook on site but will have their meals catered and delivered to fit our toddlers' appetite. 

Parent Date Night

Once a month on either a Friday or Saturday night we will host a slumber party for the students and their siblings while their parents spend some quality time alone from 8PM to 1AM.

Low Ratios

Sky is The Limit will only take in 11 students and employ 2 teachers so that the learning potential will be greater as a result of  low student-teacher ratios.

It's A Private Affair

It's never too early to implement distinction. Our students will wear uniforms with the school logo on their shirts and dresses. As a private school we strive to do better than average.